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Express your unique style and make a cutting edge and strong statement with our handmade jewelry.

Our story

Studio oh established by Rinat Reuveni & Michal Kagan. Sisters. We share a passion. A passion for art and design and especially materials that can be formed into art. We began experimenting – creating our pieces from unique industrials materials- polymer clay, plastics beads, Japanese beads (glass), oxidized silver, cardboard, and Tyvek. We use existing materials, process them into unique and innovative creations and always seeking for new materials and new ways to process them. Our design concept is based on elements such as simplicity and nature, alongside sophistication and theatrical exaggeration making our brand crude, powerful and vital.



Our sources of inspiration are industry, architectural structures, and nature, all within a changing and unpredictable environment. All of Oh items bear our signature - they are created by hand. They are one of a kind.


Strong statement - Unique Look

For us – fashion jewelry and design are vehicles of self-expression. Our jewelry and accessories allow our clients to express a distinct, powerful and individual statement. The purpose of our designs is to bring a total, cohesive look of both women and men.

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